Beginning - Outside the Animus (September 8th 2012)Edit

  • Start by following Lucy to the Animus and sit inside. After this you are presented with a cut scene, which requires you to push a few buttons to make baby Ezio kick and punch. Not much time is spent in the Animus as Lucy quickly pulls you out and demands that you chase her.
  • Use the run button to follow Lucy around the compound. You will encounter some enemies, but Lucy takes care of them for you. After awhile, you will come across a room with narrow cubicle walkways. Follow right behind Lucy and make sure to stop when she does. Most likely, by following these steps, you will get through undetected. But, if a guard does catch up to them, just let Lucy fight them.
  • Once you've passed the locked door by using your eagle vision, you will be in a garage filled with guards. Repeatedly use the punch button to knock all of the guards out one by one. But if a guard happens to throw a punch at you it's better to counter attack then to try and dodge.
  • Another cut scene begins which takes you to Lucy's secret hideout. Once there, follow her upstairs to the room with other people in it. You have the option to explore the compound, but ultimately, you need to sit in the Animus to start the first mission.

DNA Sequence 01: Ignorance is BlissEdit

(Repubblica Fiorentina-1476)

Boys Will Be Boys - FlorenceEdit

Fight Vieri de' Pazzi's Men.

A fistfight: you and your 'supporters' versus Vieri's henchmen while he stands out of reach to watch. Throughout the fight, make sure to lock on; this allows you to guard and block incoming attacks. Your opponents have no weapons and neither do you. Take advantage of this weapon-less opportunity to see some interesting counter 'kills.' To counter attack, guard and press the attack button as an enemy lunges at you.

After a cutscene interlude, it's time for another round of fist fighting. To end the fight, defeat all your enemies or lose four squares of health. The end result is the same:

Loot 200 florins to pay the doctor.

Hold the empty hand button while standing over a body long enough for the hand symbol to fill completely with color to loot.

Memory End.

+100 florins

You Should See the Other Guy - FlorenceEdit

Talk to Federico, who will lead you to the doctor.

Follow Federico

This is a brief introduction to free-running. Lock onto Federico and follow his lead as he heads for the nearest doctor (note: future doctor visits are significantly less expensive; each time they give you medical attention, they will only charge you 50 florins, not 200).

Memory End.

- 200 florins

Sibling Rivalry - FlorenceEdit

Win the race against Federico.

Beat Federico to the roof of the nearby church. Simply run up the face of the building, moving towards hand holds along the way. Federico chooses to take a scenic route off to the left (note: losing the race results in desynchronization, but infinite chances to retry). After the race, Federico climbs to the top of the bell tower: a brief introduction to scaling tall walls (though a little late if you chose to scale the front of the church rather than follow Federico's path during the race).

Memory End.

+0 florins

Nightcap - FlorenceEdit

Visit Cristina.

An introduction to view points and leaps of faith: head towards the glowing point of view at the top of the tower and tap the head button to synchronize and fill out part of your map. Next, take a leap of faith off the top of the tower into the hay pile below by holding the high profile button while pushing forward on the left analog stick, then tap the legs button. More introductions via a short cutscene: hay stacks and other such spots marked with a whitish glow in Eagle Vision (hold the head button for a second or two) provide you with hiding spots. Make your way to the white wisp in the street below Cristina's window (marked with a yellow cross on the map) while avoiding the Pazzi.

During the cutscene, there will be three action buttons:
[optional button 01] hit: Ezio kisses Cristina /// miss: Ezio stands still while Cristina comes to him
[optional button 02] hit: Ezio slides the sleeves of Cristina's dress down her arms /// miss: Ezio does nothing
[optional button 03] hit: the candle is extinguished /// miss: the candle stays lit

Escape the guards.

Utilize hiding spots (hay stacks, benches, etc.) to escape from the guards. Turn sharp corners to break their lines of sight and use free-running to your advantage, as the guards are slower than you. Beware of climbing too high while they are near; they throw rocks at you, which will cause you to fall.

Mission End.

+100 florins

Paperboy - FlorenceEdit

Deliver Giovanni's letter to Lorenzo de' Medici.

The Pazzi are still not fond of you, so try to avoid them. They are identified on the mini-map as red dots. Take to the rooftops to avoid them completely. Make your way to the yellow cross marker on the mini-map.

Return to Giovanni.

While continuing to avoid the Pazzi, return to the Palazzo Auditore. Use the same roof-hopping strategy to avoid detection. After the cutscene, three exclamation targets appear on the map. One is for Claudia, one is for Maria and one is for Petruccio. The missions they mark can be completed in any order.

Petruccio's Secret - FlorenceEdit

You have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to acquire the three feathers, which are marked on the map with yellow crosses. All the feathers are found on rooftops, so you should immediately start climbing. Stay up top and you shouldn't have any problem collecting the three feathers in the given time. When you pick up the third, the timer will stop and you can make your way back to Petruccio, who has since gone inside the house to wait for you. His location marker appears after the third feather is obtained (note: these feathers do not count toward the 100 needed for the achievement).

Memory End.

+100 florins

Beat a Cheat - FlorenceEdit

Avoid the Pazzi and make your way to Duccio, the new yellow cross target on your map.

During the cutscene, there will be one action button:
[optional button 01] hit: Ezio punches Duccio in the face mid-sentence /// miss: Ezio does nothing

After the cutscene, a fistfight ensues. To easily win, grab Duccio and throw him down, then run to him and start kicking while he's down. After you have beaten him enough, he'll walk off.

Memory End.

+100 florins

Friend of the Family - FlorenceEdit

Follow Maria and listen to her and Ezio chatter about Ezio's fight with Vieri de' Pazzi. No Pazzi are along your path, so you shouldn't run into any trouble on your way to Maria's mystery destination. Lock onto her to avoid losing her in the crowd, or simply check your map for a moving blue cross target to follow.

Once the cutscene ends, tap the empty hand button to pick up the box. Start leading Maria and Leonardo back to your house, marked on the map with a yellow cross. When you reach the swirl of light outside the door,stand in the middle and tap the empty hand button again to set it down.

Memory End.

+100 florins

After completing all three missions, return to the door (marked with an exclamation piont marker) in the Palazzo Auditore to speak again with Giovanni.

Special Delivery - FlorenceEdit

The three errands may be completed in any order. Remember to watch out for the Pazzi. There are two letter delivries you need to complete. Find the yellow cross targets on the map, run there, and enter the light wisps to deliver each letter to its target. The pigeon coop's location is on a rooftop, so climb high to find it. Approach its shining door and tap the interact button to open it.

Memory End.

+100 florins

Return to Giovanni in the Palazzo Auditore.

During the cutscene, there is one action button:
[optional button 01] hit: move backwards to avoid injury /// miss: be hit on the head by Annetta, the Auditore housekeeper

Jailbird - FlorenceEdit

As well as the Pazzi, now you also need to look out for guards as well. Though your notoriety meter is empty, guards will still, like the Pazzi, attack you on sight if you do not escape their line of sight quick enough. While attempting to avoid them, make your way to the window of the tower prison Giovanni is being held in, marked on your map with a yellow cross. Be careful as you get close. The prison has a lot more guards than you'll find elsewhere. Stay on building tops surrounding the prison. Be sure to approach it from the southern side. As you get higher up on the prison, expect to run into an archer or two. Try to approach them rom behind; you can easily grab an archer and toss him off the top of the prison for an easy kill. Scale the clock tower to reach Giovanni's cell window.

Memory End.

+0 florins

Still avoiding the guards and the Pazzi, make your way back to the Palazzo Auditore to find the chest Giovanni spoke of.

Family Heirloom - FlorenceEdit

Push and hold the head button to locate the hidden door (it will be shining). You can hold the head button again to deactivate Eagle Vision and the door will remain visible. Walk through it and to the shining chest inside.

After, now that you are wearing the lovely assassin's outfit and have a weapon, make your way back outside towards the blue cross mark.

A cutscene interrupts your journey. When it's over, it's time for your first swordfight! Unlike in Assassin's Creed, counter kills are immediately available. They are they more logical choice in this fight, sinc eyour health is rather small. Lock onto the guards and draw your sword. While they are easily defeated, always try playing a defensive battle, sticking to counter kills (note: being in the habit of counter killing is essential for the disarm ability later in the game to work). When the guards are dead, continue towards the blue cross mark. All the guards and Pazzi outside still recognize you immediately, even with your new attire. Once you've reached the target marker, knock on the door encased in a wispy white.

Memory End.

+100 florins

Proceed towards the location of the hearing of your family. It is a white wispy circle near a herald, marked on the map with an exclamation point marker.

Last Man Standing - FlorenceEdit

Walk through the archway towards where a large crowd of people are gathered.

At the end of the cutscene, don't even bother attempting to fight; the guards are all armed while you only have your fists. Run away, turning sharp corners and taking to the roof whenever possible (by means other than the wall - remember the guards will throw things at you and presently, there's quite a few of them). Ditching your trail is easier from the rooftops, but it's certainly possible to out-hoof the guards on the street level.

Memory End.

+0 florins


DNA Sequence 02: Escape PlansEdit

(Florence - 1476)

Go and meet Annetta at her house. Notice the plethora of red dots in your house's courtyard as well as your notoriety meter. However, even though your notoriety meter is now different, it's still the same story: guards will attack you if you do not evade their line of sight fast enough. Taking to the rooftops guarantees a safer route, but now and for the rest of the game, you will run into guards up there as well. Locate the shining door marked on your map with an exclamation point target.

Fitting In - FlorenceEdit

This is where you learn to blend. Walk into either group of courtesans to see what you and your surroundings will look like when you blend effectively (you should see a white webbing on the ground). Then walk out of the group and follow Paola. Walk through crowds to avoid drawing the attentions of the guards she walks past. Notice that after you exit a group, you have a couple seconds of leway before guards will notice you. Use this to your advantage if groups of citizens are sparse. Don't be afraid to dash a short distance to get into a group, but make sure you don't run into any member of the group; they will back up and look at you, and you will not be able to blend with them. It is impossible to remain close to Paola, but just keep her in your sights and follow her general direction. After you return to the small courtyard, you will learn how to steal. Press the legs button while walking past someone to steal from them. Practice pick-pocketing the women and test your skills on the unwilling participants of the city. Steal from at least five people and then walk away before they realize they've been robbed.

Memory End.

+100 florins

Talk to Paola, the exclamation target on your minimap.

Ace Up My Sleeve - FlorenceEdit

Go to Leonardo's workshop, which is marked on the map with a yellow cross target. You'll notice you can now hire courtesans to act as a moving blending spot. Use them to your advantage!

After giving you the repaired hidden blade, Leonardo is interrupted by a guard at the door. Use your new hidden blade (press up on the d-pad to quickly equip) to assassinate the guard, who is attacking Leonardo. Simply walk up behind him and press the armed hand button to stealth assassinate. At Leonardo's request, pick up the body, and carry it into his workshop. Drop the body in the wisp of white light.

Memory End.

+200 florins

As with the first Assassin's Creed, you can use the hidden blade as a weapon as well, rather than a tool used only to stealth assassinate.Go back to Paola; the brothel is marked on the minimap with an exclamation point.

During the cutscene, there is one action button:
[optional button 01] hit: Ezio shows Paola the hidden blade /// miss: Ezio holds his arm out, but does nothing

Judge, Jury, Executioner - FlorenceEdit

Walk to the area Uberto is supposed to be in, marked with a yellow cross marker. Climb to the roof to reach the white swirl. While the objective on the pause menu at this time is to 'follow' Uberto, you're really only making your way to the red target marker on your map (the art exibition). Look around and consider how you can get over to Uberto's location without attracting the attention of the myriad guards in the area. Use your blending skills to join a group of people walking in Uberto's direction. There should be plenty of options. Once you are near the building entrance, you'll find that it's guarded. Just around the corner of the building, however, you should find a small group of ladies for hire. Use them to sneak past the guards. Sneak up to Uberto and assassinate him. If he notices you, however, he will not fight back. Once you have killed him, escape the art show and the guards. Try to make your way by using the rooftops.

Memory End.

+400 florins

Return to Paola's place, marked on the map with an exclamation marker.

Laying Low - FlorenceEdit

Follow Paola's advice and walk around the city reducing your notoriety; tear down posters, bribe heralds and assassinate corrupt individuals. All will be marked on your map, provided you are close enough. You must reduce your notoriety to zero to continue.

  • The easiest task to remove notoriety is removing posters from around town. The posters appear on your radar and each removes twenty-five percent of your notoriety. Find and remove four posters and you'll have reduced your notoriety to nothing. Note that many of the posters are above street level, sometimes on low platforms, and sometimes on high platforms. This way of reducing your notoriety is the most simplest out of all, as you only pay a short amount of time getting to poster to poster.
  • Less common throughout the city are heralds, whom are dudes with big mouths. They stand on the streets and yell all kinds of propaganda. Pay them 500 florins and they'll shout enough junk about you to reduce your notoriety by fifty percent. This way of notoriety reduction is great if you have a large amount of money, as 500 florins is quite a lot of florins, especially at a time like this.
  • Officials show up quasi-randomly on your map. Their icon resembles the poster icon, but watch for one that moves on your radar and chase after it. If you can score a quick assassination on one of these officials, you'll deduct seventy-five percent from your notoriety total. This is the hardest way of notoriety reduction, as assassinating the official near guards will put you into a fight, and you might get desynchronized by the fight. What would be recommended for this is that you should have at least 1 health potion with you just in case if you get into a fight and lose a fair amount of health.

Memory End.

+200 florins

Return to Paola. Her place is again marked on the map with an exclamation marker.

Arrivederci - FlorenceEdit

Since you are now incognito, guards will not bother you. Walk with Maria and Claudia towards the yellow cross marker on the map. The markers function as checkpoints, each subsequently marked with a yellow cross as they appear. Hire courtesans to bypass the guards at the city gate. There are plenty of factions nearby. Another tactic is to just throw some money in front of them, as they will easily be distracted by it. It will also use less money than hiring the courtesans, which cost 150 florins while throwing money will use just 10 florins. Continue through the three checkpoints once you are outisde the city.

Memory End.

+0 florins


DNA Sequence 03: Requiescat in PaceEdit

Roadside Assistance - MonteriggioniEdit

  • Begin leading Claudia and Maria through the canyon, you are soon interrupted by a cut scene. After the scene, turn around and fight the enemies that are attacking you.
  • Once you've defeated the enemies picking on your sister and mother, another cut scene takes place, and leaves you with yet more enemies to cut down. Again, focus on defending your ladies as they're basically defenseless. Fight off the enemies and the mission ends.

Casa Dolce Casa - MonteriggioniEdit

  • Follow Mario into the villa and up the stairs that lead to the doorstop of his considerably-sized home. Mario stops and talks for a bit before sending you off to do some errands.
  • Run back into town and follow the map marker to the blacksmith. Open up the shop and use your money to buy a pair of greaves (armor) and a dagger (weapon). Just a bit further down the street is the doctor from whom you need to buy five medicine items. When all items are bought, the mission is ended.

Practice Makes Perfect - MonteriggioniEdit

  • Talk to Claudia inside the mansion. She walks off. Find Mario further inside and talk to him. He'll demand you train yourself in the art of combat, and warps you to a fighting pit in front of his pad. You'll go through a number of training exercises, each of which needs to be completed at least three times before you can move on to the next.
  • The final challenge is to defeat Mario in a fight. Mario, however, is pretty easy to fight. After you defeat Mario, he storms off after talking to you. Follow the marker on your map to Mario's back room and talk to the man there to end the mission.

What Goes Around - TuscanyEdit

  • Talk to Claudia in her room on the second floor of the mansion for a bit of dialog, but no mission. Next, go to the south end of town and exit the gate to find a stable of horses just outside. Hop aboard one of the horses and ride it southeast toward the map marker.
  • Mario is now in Tuscany. Hop off the horse and talk to him to accept a mission against the troublesome Vieri. Follow Mario up the hill to the wall surrounding the city. You can climb up the broken portion of the wall to the parapet walk.
  • Be aware, there are three archers up high that you can silently take out using your new throwing daggers, two on rooftops, and one at the highest part of the parapet. When you've killed the three archers, drop down on the inside of the wall and look for the crank that'll open up the gate.
  • Help your crew finish off the last of the enemies, just outside Tuscany's gate. Follow the group inside the town and Mario will stop to tell you something about distracting guards. Start tearing your way through the city, killing the guards in your way. There's a marker on your map to follow.
  • The marker eventually leads you to a downed soldier who tells you that Mario's in need of help just ahead. Continue just a bit further and you'll fall into Mario's melee. Help Mario and the gang dispatch all of the guards and Mario will give you another target to run after.
  • The target leads you to the rooftops at the north end of the city. A cut scene shows Vieri enter the town and send his men into a battle with Mario's. You're then instructed to assassinate Vieri, but you don't have to get into the thick of it. Vieri secretly retreats to the top of the parapet overlooking the battle. From the rooftop, you can jump to the stairs that run up the right side of the parapet.
  • Head to the highest part of the parapet, where you'll find Vieri there, along with a number of other guards. You only need kill Vieri. Be aware, he'll block your counter kill attempts, so the easiest way to kill is to grab Vieri, toss him on the ground, and then execute a killing blow while he's on the ground. With Vieri dead, the mission ends.

A Change of Plans - MonteriggioniEdit

  • Talk to Mario just outside his home and follow him indoors. He'll part ways soon, leaving you to read a letter that you've got. After reading the letter, you can find Mario in his back room. Talk to him again for another cut scene.
  • Mario sends you to collect four codex pages scattered throughout the villa. To find them easily, climb to the top of Mario's estate and move to the view point to synchronize. All four codex pages will appear on your map, making the collection very easy. Just go to the four locations on your map and you'll find the codex boxes in plain view on the lowest ground level. When all four are collected, the mission ends.
  • Locate Claudia on the lower floor of Mario's palace and talk to her. She'll complain about her duties, before leaving you to talk to the local architect, who's in the same room. Talk to him and he'll explain how you can invest money into the town to, eventually, make more money. Make whichever investments you'd like—it's your choice.
  • Exit the architect's screen and find Mario in his room to the north. Talk to him and he'll open up a secret doorway. Follow him downstairs and he'll show you something that you can't have, at least for now. There are hidden assassin's tombs scattered throughout the world that you need to complete in order to unlock the sweet Altair outfit.

DNA Sequence 04: The Pazzi ConspiracyEdit

Practice What You Preach - FlorenceEdit

  • Return to Leonardo in Florence. Leonardo uses your collected codices to give you new skills. After the cut scene, look for the marker on your map that points you to a courtyard behind Leonardo's pad. There are three new stealth kills you've learned, and you need to practice each.
  • To perform the hiding spot kill, hop into the pile of hay, and press the assassinate button. The air assassinate move must be executed from a platform directly above the enemy that's on the ground. Just lock onto the enemy and press the assassinate button. The assassination from the ledge works by climbing onto the ledge just below the railing of the upper balcony. Press the button and Ezio makes the kill look easy.
  • The mission ends once all kills are completed.
  • After this mission you will have learned the Air assassinate and ledge assassinate moves. Both will prove useful later in the game.
  • Once completed, you will have the double hidden blades. This is a formidably great weapon as it has the same insta-kill power as the normal hidden blade, but doubled. Now you can assassinate 2 people at once.

Fox Hunt - FlorenceEdit

  • When you begin this mission, you're asked to find a particular man among the crowd in the village square whom is marked in green on your map. Use your eagle vision and the guy you're looking for will glow gold
  • Guards glow red, everyone else is darkened out.
  • When you find the man, approach him for a quick, puzzling cut scene.
  • The man steals your pouch of cash. Chase after him, quickly! Use the lock-on feature, once you're close enough to more easily keep track of the runner. If he leaves your screen, just look for a blue arrow icon that marks his location. Once you're within range, press the grab button while running hard to perform a dive tackle and bring down the thief. A cut scene plays out the mission.

See You There - FlorenceEdit

  • Initiate this mission with La Volpe and he'll start by immediately running. Don't worry about losing him, as he'll move to a spot above you and wait for you to meet him. After another brief cut scene, he runs off yet again, leaving you in the dust.
  • Again, don't worry about keeping up with him. An icon will appear on your map that guides you to his ultimate destination, so just make for that target. You have a time limit, so stick to the rooftops. You've got plenty of time, though dropping down to the street level by accident may ruin your chances. Watch your step. When you reach the end point, a cut scene closes the mission.

Novella's Secret - FlorenceEdit

  • The map marker will lead you to the entrance of this underground tomb. Activate the skull carving on the wall and Ezio will drop down to the mission. There's a lever to the north that opens up a gate and lets you climb to the next room just ahead.
  • Continue to the map marker and the camera will pull out, to show you the collapsed stairwell and the target you have to reach next. Start by leaping off the platform, jumping left to grab a pole and swing to the next solid platform along the wall. From there, use the series of wooden beams ahead to leap step-by-step to the next platform.
  • There's a craggy rock wall that Ezio can climb to the next platform, and on this platform a lever on the back wall that opens up a metal gate in the center of the stairwell. Jump through the opened passage in the center column and out to another platform along the outer wall. Turn right and swing across a couple of wooden beams to reach another platform.
  • There's another switch here. Take a leap of faith off the edge of the platform to drop into the hole opened by the lever. Once at the base of the stairwell, approach the nearby opening for a quick cut scene that shows some enemy guards moving into the next area.
  • Head into the next room and you'll have a new platforming challenge. There are two guards to watch for on the upper levels of the room, so be mindful of their movement patterns. To the west is a series of rocks that you can vault across to reach a climbable portion of the western wall. From there, shimmy left, but make sure the guard to your left is facing away.
  • Look east from the northern wall and you can jump across a series of beams and swing from a rope to reach a platform to the east with a large lever. Pull the lever and the camera swings up to show you another lever high above. To get to it, jump south across the hole in the platform and look left. You can wall-run after crossing the narrow beam to reach a platform overhead.Once you reach the ledge just under the guard, you can execute a ledge assassination to drop the guard silently. Pull up to the platform and look north for the second guard, who paces back and forth. Wait for him to turn away and you can run up for a simple, straight-forward silent kill.
  • From here jump north to another platform that'll let you leap out to the wooden block suspended in the air by a rope. Once on the wooden block, turn south and you can jump to grab a wooden pole that'll let Ezio swing to another solid platform that was previously highlighted by the pull-away camera.
  • Pull the lever on the platform and the big double-doors below will open up, triggering the curiosity of three of the guards in the next room. They take to patrolling the room you're in. Move to the ledge overhanging the stack of hay below. One of the guards will patrol near it and stop just next to the hay pile. Lock onto him and drop down for a silent kill.
  • Immediately hop into the hay pile for cover and another guard will eventually see the dead body and come nearby. He should get close enough that you can perform an assassination from the hay pile. From the cover of the hay pile, wait for the third guard to inspect the dead body and show him the same fate.
  • Move toward the open door to the north and a cut scene will show the last remaining guard run away from you. Chase after him, but don't worry if you can't catch him. While you're chasing him, a gate will close behind the guard and ahead of you, forcing you to look for an alternate route to the right to circumvent the gate.
  • You'll catch back up with the runaway guard for more chasing and he'll lead you to the upper level of a large hall. Run up a stack of boxes on the right and from there you can leap out into the open area of the hall and swing across a couple of beams to continue the chase. Another gate ahead locks in front of you. Look to the right and you can climb to a handrail and jump across a series of wooden beams.
  • The rest of the chase is pretty simple. He'll close another gate in your face, but just turn left to continue following him. When he finally closes a large, stone door behind him, climb up a scaffolding to the right and you can finally confront him.
  • Don't bother being stealthy here, you'll just have to fight the group of enemies in the large, round room. Play defensively, at least at first, countering incoming attacks with your full-sized sword. When you've whittled down the enemy's numbers, you can start fighting more aggressively to finish them off. After the fight, move down a nearby hall to trigger a cut scene.
  • As the scene closes, continue down the hall to a room that's loaded with treasure chests. Collect the goods and then open the coffin. There's a door to the right of the coffin that you can open to return to the streets of Florence. Once there blend in with the crowd as fast as possible to avoid imminent death by the countless guards looking for you.

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing - FlorenceEdit

  • Hit the map marker and this mission will immediately kick off. You need to check the nearby street in front of a large, regal building to find a certain somebody. The area is marked green on your map, so don't waste time anywhere else. Just turn on eagle vision and, once you've spotted the target, a cut scene will take over.
  • After the cut scene, defend Lorenzo de'Medici, who's marked with a blue arrow. Move near him before readying your sword. If you see an enemy attack Lorenzo, you can frequently score instant kills with a stab to the enemy's back. Otherwise, just stay near Lorenzo and catch enemy attacks with counters for quick kills.
  • When the enemies are dead, escort Lorenzo across town. The escort is pretty straight-forward, just run toward the map target with Lorenzo following. He'll keep up with you if you run, so book it, doing your best to ignore the men fighting around you. If you do get confronted, be ready to defend Lorenzo as you did before, putting yourself next to him so that you can counter incoming attacks. When you bring Lorenzo to the end point, the mission is complete.

Farewell Francesco - FlorenceEdit

  • Talk to the indicated man and he'll tell you that Francesco is mounting an attack at some tower across town. Take to the rooftops and start heading for the tower. There's a waypoint on top of a building overlooking the courtyard outside the tower—hit it and you'll see a cut scene in which Francesco sends his men on you.
  • Get to Francesco, who's standing atop the prison tower. The northeastern corner of the building is probably the easiest to climb, and you can get a boost from the adjacent building. As you ascend the tower, you'll run into enemy guards. Do your best to ignore them.
  • Get to the top level and approach the northwestern corner to trigger a cut scene with Francesco. He'll immediately dive off the corner of the building, prompting you to take a leap of faith off the same corner. Don't worry, you'll survive. When you land, lock onto Francesco and chase after him. Equip your hidden blade and, when you get close enough, launch an assassination attack to end the mission.

DNA Sequence 05: Loose EndsEdit

Four to the Floor / A Blade with Bite - FlorenceEdit

  • Talk to Lorenzo and he'll hands you another codex. Take it to Leonardo Da Vinci across town and he'll translate it for you to complete the mission.
  • Once you complete this mission, you will get the poison blade. It will prove itself very useful later on in the game.

Evasive Maneuvers - MonteriggioniEdit

  • Return to the Villa Monteriggioni and talk to Mario at his house. He'll bring you out to the training grounds in the villa and challenge you to learn a couple of new things. The first is the dodge. After that, you will then learn the disarm move. The move is executed just like a normal counter attack. Perform it three times to complete the mission.
  • Dodging will be very important in high-profile fights with large numbers of enemies.
  • The Disarm move is very useful as you can just steal a guard's weapon as use it against them. Weapons from guards can't be found in any blacksmith shop. After this mission you might want to fight with you bare hands only for much of the game.

Town Crier - TuscanyEdit

  • Make your way to Tuscany, where you'll find that you've got a number of missions to choose from. Select this one by talking to the man in the town square at the center of Tuscany. He asks you to assassinate a town crier that's at the top of a very, very tall tower. Accept the mission make your way toward the tower. As you get near, you'll start hearing the cries of the loud man you're to kill.
  • Start climbing the tower from the eastern face and make your way upward. You'll have to move around to every other face of the tower on your way up. When you reach the top, cling to the platform and hang there. There are two guards protecting the crier, and you can avoid them entirely if you're smart about it.
  • Shimmy over to the eastern face of the tower and you'll spot a ladder that leads to the uppermost platform where the crier is standing. Wait for the guards to move away and then quickly run up to the top platform and assassinate the crier. He's got a sword of his own so he may resist, but he's not above a quick counter attack, or even a toss off the roof.

Come Out and Play - TuscanyEdit

  • The second assassination mission is received from a man to the south of the city. A map marker guides you to the general location of the target, but it doesn't point him out exactly. Climb to the rooftops and use eagle vision to pick out the target (highlighted in gold) that's pacing around the market with a pair of guards in tow.
  • The target repeats the same route pattern over and over, so you can set yourself up for a simple and easy kill. There's a well in the center of the market that you can wait in. Face south while you cling to the inside of the well. When Bernardo's route pattern brings him to the edge of the well, lock onto him and you can get a quick assassination kill.
  • After the cut scene plays out, you still have to deal with Bernardo's guards. Be ready to defend yourself. There are nearby mercenaries if you need to enlist their help, but honestly you should be a-okay on your own. Clear the guards and the mission ends.

The Cowl Does Not Make the Monk - TuscanyEdit

  • You'll pick up this assassination mission, just outside of town, in a villa to the southeast. The target is inside an abbey to the southeast, and the whole area is restricted so that no matter what your infamy level (even zero), you'll be called out for being in the area.
  • Once you reach the abbey, climb to the top of the building from the western side, which is furthest from the restricted zone. Once up top, you can see inside the abbey to spy on its inhabitants and look for the target. Use eagle vision and the target will glow gold, though he's constantly under the cover of the halls around the southern perimeter of the abbey.
  • Also along the southern perimeter, is a carriage filled with leaves that you can leap into without being seen. From here, wait for Stefano to reach the southeast corner of the building. He'll stop momentarily, letting you quickly and quietly jump out of the leaves and assassinate the target from behind. After the kill, you'll have to leave the area and ditch the guards, but with such a wide open area around you it shouldn't be a problem.

Behind Closed Doors - TuscanyEdit

  • You receive this mission from a man in a small village northeast of the main city. The target, the Archbishop Salviati, is in a nearby compound. Your contact gives you the details and then tells you that you've got a small army at your fingertips, but truth be told they're not that useful. Just make your way to the gate on the southern wall of the compound.
  • There's a small group of enemy soldiers outside the front gate, as well as a few archers on top of the walls. Take out the archers from afar using throwing knives before sending your men on the guards to engage them.
  • Once the coast is clear, you can climb up the face of the wall just left or right of the gate. Ezio says something about wanting to open the gate, and if you really want to you can drop down and try to open the gate via the draw handle just inside the compound. But as soon as you drop down, you'll likely come under attack. Stand your ground and counter attack the many enemies that surround you. So long as you're patient and don't get too aggressive, you should tear through their numbers quickly.
  • Occasionally, the Archbishop will join the fray and attack you. He's dressed in a unique attire that resembles pajamas. If you counter attack him, he'll die and complete the task for you. After the Archbishop is dead, your crew will flood into the compound and help you finish killing the enemies around you, completing the mission.

With Friends Like These - TuscanyEdit

  • The start point for this mission is on a rooftop overlooking an open square in the city. As people spill out of the main building in the square, use eagle vision to pick out the target, Torri del Salvucci. The goal for now is not to kill him but to let him lead you to the meeting spot for the enemies. Drop down to street level and follow him, keeping your distance so that you don't give yourself away.
  • It helps if you start the mission with zero notoriety, as you will be walking past many guards as you trail del Salvucci. You can hire a group of ladies to offer cover if you need. Following del Salvucci on the rooftops is a bit difficult just because of the places he goes, but you can get by okay on the ground. Eventually, he'll exit the city limits through a line of guards.
  • You can't just walk past the wall of guards, so climb the wall, via the ladder to the right. You may attract the attention of some parapet guards, but you can actually fight them off while moving down the parapet path without rousing the suspicion of the target.
  • Del Salvucci eventually heads away from the city wall to an outdoor amphitheater. The main path has guards nearby and it's a restricted area, so you'll need to avoid the guards completely. Just jump over the walls to the left or right of the main entrance and get in close enough to del Salvucci to trigger a cut scene.
  • After the scene plays out, fight off the guards, including some powerful brutes that you won't be able to counter. However, these guards are vulnerable to the disarm maneuver, which is just as good for killing. When you've cleared the area, approach the downed Jacopo and finish him off.

DNA Sequence 06: Rocky RoadEdit

Road Trip - FlorenceEdit

  • Talk to Lorenzo and he'll gives you the Medici cape, which makes you anonymous to Medici guards—permanently. A marker appears on your map that leads you to Leonardo da Vinci's home. Knock on the door and the mission ends.
  • Medici Guards are those in yellow, and are only in Florence and Tuscany.

Romagna Holiday - The MountainsEdit

  • Travel to the mountains to start this mission. Talk to Leonardo, who's stuck trying to fix his wagon. The cut scene that follows leaves you in control of a horse-drawn wagon that's being chased by an endless supply of enemies that attempt to leap onto the back.
  • As enemy soldiers jump onto the carriage, rock it back and forth to make them lose their balance and eventually fall off. Just focus on steering and rocking the carriage. You can rock too much and flip the wagon, but it's pretty hard to do so don't take it easy. Also be sure to watch the health meter of the carriage—running into things damages it.
  • After a mid-ride cut scene, you'll start taking fire from archers with flaming, explosive arrows that hit the ground ahead of you. Do your best to weave a path between these spots of fire as they'll further damage your ride. Eventually, Ezio lets Leonardo continue and hops off the wagon.
  • Now kill off a fair-sized group of enemies, including a brute with a nasty axe. Simple counters may not work against all of these guys, so throw in some disarm attempts, as well as grabs to throw them on the ground. When you've killed off the lot, move to the waypoint just down the road a bit to complete the mission. Also, another easy way to complete this mission is simply running into the white wisp nearby.

Tutti a Bordo - ForliEdit

  • You get transported to Forli, a new city. To the far, far northeast corner you'll find Leonardo, who's ready to board a ship with you. But before you can join, you get interrupted with this mission to save a woman who got herself into trouble.
  • A map marker points you to a nearby oar boat. Hop aboard and approach the oar at the back of the boat to start steering it. Row south and around the corner of land to reach the woman. Ride into the wisp of light in front of her, then deliver her to another wisp of light near the dock. Mission complete.

Intermission (September 8th 2012)Edit


Desmond will wake up outside of the Animus and turn on the defense sistem of the Assassins hideout by using Ezio's climbing abilities. Two panels are on the ground while the other two are on the catwalk.

Altair dreamEdit

Desmond will go through the hallway of the hideout and he will start hallucinating. Now you play as Altair one more time. All you need to do is follow your target who later turns out to be Maria, Desmond's ancestor.

DNA Sequence 07: The Merchant Of Venice (September 9th 2012)Edit

Beginning - VeniceEdit

  • Hop aboard the ship after Leonardo and hit the waypoint to be whisked away back to present time. Follow Lucy to the downstairs warehouse where she's set up a challenge for you.
  • There are four switches on the surrounding walls that you need to hit. Just activate eagle vision and they'll glow red—two on walls at the upper catwalk level and two on the lower ground level. When you've hit all four switches, look for Lucy and she'll lead you back up to the Animus room.
  • After a cut scene, you're left in Acre with control of Altair. Move straight down the road and don't worry about the guards surrounding you. As you enter the castle gate, you'll catch sight of a figure running away from you.
  • Do your best to lock onto the figure and chase after, but don't get too worried if you fall behind. If the figure gets away, just reach a high spot and use eagle vision to spot the glowing gold so you can continue the chase. You'll be lead across building tops and eventually onto a parapet walk.
  • Climb the tower at the end of the parapet. You get a cut scene as you reach the end and are left sitting atop the tower. Perform a leap of faith off the tower and you'll be brought back to the present-future time. Move into the Animus to return to ancient Italy.
  • When you reach the small balcony midway up the tower, climb on top and stand directly beneath the beam above. Leaving the analog stick in neutral, hold the high profile button and tap jump. Altair should hop up to grab the beam.

Benvenuto - VeniceEdit

  • Begin by talking to Leonardo. A man will come by and escort you and Leo around the town of Venice, showing off some of the attractions. Cut scenes interrupt you. In the final cut scene, be ready to press a button to hug da Vinci.

That's Gonna Leave a Mark - VeniceEdit

  • The beginning point for this mission is near a heavily-guarded area. Be aware that if you approach from the wrong angle you'll have to fight all sorts of enemies.When the mission starts, follow Rosa around as she runs in circles looking for her destination. Guards will show up that need killing. Do your best to protect Rosa.
  • Rosa doesn't seem to know where she's going, so expect to run around a lot and get interrupted by a number of groups of guards. Eventually, Rosa drops to her knees, unable to walk any further. Get near her and you can pick Rosa up to carry her. A final waypoint marker appears on your map, so run her to it quickly. If you get chased, hire a group of mercenaries to distract the guards for you.
  • At the waypoint, Rosa and a buddy take off in a gondola while you're tasked with defending them against archers on the buildings surrounding the river. Immediately cross the river by skipping over the poles to the southwest and assassinate the nearest archer. For a quick kill, you can simply toss him into the water—unlike you, the guards can't swim.
  • Keep moving up the river, staying ahead of the gondola so that you can intercept the archers before they get a chance to shoot at your weak friends. Look for red dots on your map that appear on either side of the river so that you know where to look for guards.
  • The gondola ride ends eventually. As Rosa's buddy takes off, pick up Rosa again and bring her to a table in the crew's little hideout area. Mission completed.

Building Blocks / Cleaning House - VeniceEdit

  • Talk to Antonio, the head of the thieves guild. At first, you'll get a cut scene and a memory sync, without having to do anything. Once again talk to him. You'll get a mission to identify and kill some traitors. The nearest traitor is in an area just north of you, so head toward the green area on your map.
  • Use eagle vision to spot the traitor glowing gold in the area. He's on one of the largest boats in the water, just off the docks to the north. If you just swim right up to his boat, his alert guards will spot you and make a stealthy kill impossible. But if you swim underwater, you can get up along the southern side of the boat and cling to the side, a position from which you won't be spotted.
  • Climb your way to the outside rear-left edge of the boat, just above the anchor hanging from the side. The target will patrol around the ship's deck and periodically stop right at that position. Lock onto to the traitor and execute a stealth kill to quickly and silently pull him over the edge of the boat, to his death in the water below. One traitor down, two to go.
  • The next closest target is to the east and south a bit. Make your way in that direction and use your eagle vision on the rooftops to spot him out—the traitor is also on the rooftops, pacing in circles. When the traitor isn't looking at you, position yourself along the ledge of the building and wait for him to walk near you. You can bust out another simple, stealthy kill without any drama.
  • The third target is found along the northeast boundary of the city. He has a fairly long and complicated patrol route that always takes him by the water's edge. When he's not nearby, jump from the rooftops and into the water so that you can cling to the ledge just below street level. Wait for the traitor to circle back around and nail him with a stealthy assassination while locked onto him.

Breakout - VeniceEdit

  • Ugo, the guy with this mission, is standing on a rooftop in the center of the city. He asks you to free some prisoners held captive in three different locations in the city. The nearest group is just north of you. Make your way there, but beware the guards standing in the alleyways that surround the makeshift prison cells.
  • Infiltrate the area by using the rooftops without getting any unwanted attention. As you get near the little holding cell, a dialog between the guards triggers. Wait around and most of the guards will eventually walk away, leaving you waiting over just a single guard. You can drop down and assassinate him and then open the door of the holding cell, but expect other nearby guards to attack as you do.
  • Fight off the enemies and then make your way back to the rooftops with the freed prisoners in tow. They're thieves so they can keep up with you as you hop around rooftops. Make your way back to Ugo, who should be just south of you. As long as you can escort at least one of the prisoners there, you can move onto the next set of captives.
  • The next set of captives, whom are to the south, are under even less strict supervision. Again, use the rooftops to get close and clear a path (by killing roof archers) that you can use on the return trip. The prisoners are at the bottom of a courtyard, with just one guard in front of their cell.
  • Drop down (quietly) on top of their cell, lock onto the guard, and perform a quick assassination. You should go unheard, letting you release the prisoners and take back to the rooftops for a simple jaunt back to Ugo.
  • It is difficult to rescue the last group, located to the west, without triggering alarms, though you can perform a double assassination on the two guards directly in front of the holding cell. Expect to have to fight off other guards that hear the event. When they're dead, escort the four prisoners back to Ugo. Do your best to avoid the water, as the prisoners will die if they fall in.

Monkey See, Monkey Do - VeniceEdit

  • Talk to Rosa, who has her buddy show you a new move that'll help you be a better climber. Cling to the wall under the scaffolding and perform a big jump upward. At the peak of your jump, press the grab button to get hold of a ledge, securing the height of your jump. Perform this move a few times to reach the top of the scaffolding and end the mission.

By Leaps and Bounds - VeniceEdit

  • Meet Rosa in front of the Frari, the tall tower at the center of town. She challenges you to use your new climbing skill to reach the top of the tower. To make things interesting, she also gives you a time limit. Fortunately, there's more than enough time to reach the top.
  • Begin climbing upward. You won't actually need to use the new climb leap for most of the ascension, but it certainly doesn't hurt. When you reach the first level of the rooftop, start clinging to the main tower. This is where you can't progress further upward without the use of the climb leap. Make your way to the top, synchronize, and then perform a leap of faith to return to street level. Talk to Rosa to end the mission.

Clothes Make the Man - VeniceEdit

  • Speak to a man on the docks and he'll ask you to loot three chests for some guard outfits. All three chests appear on your map and they're all pretty close. First, head for the nearest chest to the south. The guards are all busy staring to the east, but you can drop down into the river to the west and come up behind them to secretly steal the loot. The chest looks like a normal treasure chest and is in a small alcove accessible from both the street and the river.
  • To the east, the second group of guards surrounding the next chest are not as easy to circumvent. The chest is against the outside wall of the Frari and the guards surround it tightly, giving you no space to sneak in. But there's a group of thieves just north of the chest's location that you can hire and use to distract the guards. When the guards run after the thieves, loot the chest.
  • The last chest is located at the very edge of a restricted area, which means that if you get close you'll automatically be a target for surrounding guards, no matter how suspicious or ordinary your actions. Thankfully, the chest is actually located just outside of this zone, but you'll need to distract the guards surrounding the chest before you can get at it. Hire another group of thieves and send them to the guards, then swoop in to loot the chest, being mindful of the restricted zone's boundaries.
  • For the last part of the mission, hijack a small oar boat nearby. It's just off the dock on the other side of the restricted area. We suggest climbing to the rooftops so you can get around the restricted area without alarm, and then jump onto the boat. Man the oar and row to the waypoint across the water to end the mission.

Everything Must Go - VeniceEdit

  • Visit Antonio again and be ready for a quick time event during the cut scene after you accept the mission. The first order of business is to kill five archers surrounding the building in which Emilio is camping. Take to the rooftops and locate the guards. Once you've gotten near them, you can't let them get too far away from you. Kill all of them.
  • A yellow marker appears on your map and guides you to Antonio, when all five archers are killed. Speak to him and he'll give you the last objective for the mission, which is to kill Emilio. Go east toward the building in which Emilio is stationed and hire a group of thieves along the way. You can use them to distract the guards just outside the compound.
  • Once you're inside the gates of the compound, start climbing your way to the top of the building. You'll have to make use of your climb leap ability frequently, so look for opportunities to jump high and grab the next ledge. When you reach the top of the building, you trigger a cut scene that shows Emlio on one of the lower floors.
  • Take out any nearby archers on the roof and then drop down to one of the upper levels of the building on the south side. There's a guard there you'll need to take out, so be quick about it.
  • From the southern platform, move east and you can look down a hall of stairs, up which walks Emelio. Wait for him to get nearby and then quickly run out and assassinate him. A cut scene takes over, after which you need only to talk over to Rosa to end the mission.

DNA Sequence 08: Necessity, Mother Of InventionEdit

Birds of a Feather - VeniceEdit

  • This mission begins in the center of town. A couple of conspirators meet up and begin walking away from you. You need to trail them, but obviously you don't want to rouse their suspicion. Stay close enough that they never leave your line of sight, but try not to run or do anything else high profile. If a nearby guard bumps into you and gives you crap, turn the other cheek. If you get into a fight, you stand a good chance of blowing the mission.
  • Occasionally, the pair you're trailing will stop and look around. Do your best to blend, or simply increase your distance to keep them from suspecting you. If there's a nearby group of courtesans, you can hire them and have them surround you for instant cover. The courtesans will also be useful when the conspirators move past a line of guards blocking your path. Send the ladies to distract the guards so you can continue past them.
  • The pair move to a large open area and meet up with more conspirators. After the cut scene, the same rules apply—follow them, but don't get spotted. You should probably be hiring every group of courtesans you pass, as they'll get lost in the shuffle and you'll lose your cover as you progress. They don't cost much, and you shouldn't be sweating that kind of money at this point in the game. Eventually, you'll make your way to a dock where a cut scene closes out the mission.

If at First You Don't Succeed... - VeniceEdit

  • Locate Rosa and Antonio and you'll have to wander around the Palazzo Ducale to scout out a way to infiltrate the building. Lead Antonio to the first map marker for a quick bit of dialog. Another map marker appears.
  • Hurry to the second marker to scout and a third marker appears to the southeast. Beware that the building is surrounded by a restricted zone, so do your best to skirt around it. The third marker is at the top of a tall tower that you must climb. It's not a tough climb, but the way back down can be tricky unless you use the leap of faith off the north ledge.
  • After the leap of faith, wait around for Antonio to catch up—he's afraid of heights and won't leap after you. You need to now make your way to the north end of the Palazzo to hit a fourth map marker. Again, be careful to avoid the restricted zone's boundaries as you go around the western side of the Palazzo. When you hit the map marker, Antonio suggests that you've found a suitable route to the top of the building.
  • A fifth map marker guides you onto the top of the Palazzo. Climb the northern face of the building, using the scaffolding to bridge the gap between hand holds. When you reach the top, make your way to the map marker. There are no archers to worry about, so just hit the last waypoint to end the mission.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained - VeniceEdit

  • Locate Leonardo's new shop in Venice and pay him a visit. He and Ezio move to a rooftop to test out Leo's rad flying machine. As the cut scene ends, you get to play with the flight controls a bit. You don't really have to do anything. After you've landed or crashed, the mission is over.

Well Begun Is Half Done - VeniceEdit

  • There are four areas of the city, all east of your current location, that require clearing. Go to these four locations and kill the brute guards, the heavily-armored guys that show up in gold with your eagle vision. Each of these areas has standard guards nearby as well, but you don't need to kill them. Move to the nearest area and you'll find two of these brute guards standing on a bridge. Approach them subtly and you can assassinate both without a fuss.
  • The next area that needs clearing is a ship in the river that runs through the city. The ship is considered a restricted zone, so you can't just walk onto it. But you can board the ship from the water, climbing onto the side of it to peek above and make sure no one on the deck is watching you. There are two more brutes patrolling the ship's deck and you can easily slip behind them for another double assassination.
  • The last two areas are pretty close by, and each is marked by multiple targets. To the south are two brute guards on opposite ends of a walkway by the river. You can wait in the water, cling to the ledge of the walkway, and wait for each guard to get near you for a quick assassination from the ledge. Beware that there are small restricted areas marked on the map, and if you swim through their edges the lesser guards on the walkway will spot you.
  • To the north, the group you have to kill is actually made of three archers on the rooftops. Getting to them stealthily isn't easy because of their formation, but since they're just archers there's no real reason to play it so safe. Just rush the archers. When all three are dead, the mission is ended.

Infrequent Flier - VeniceEdit

  • Immediately pause the game and check out your map, once you take flight. You can see the locations of all of the fires in the city, as well as the target to the far, far southeast. If you make a simple beeline for the target, the Palazzo Ducale, you won't get the updrafts you need to maintain your height and infiltrate the fortress. Instead, you need follow the trail of fires that lead you east and then north before finally turning south toward the Palazzo.
  • The game gives you instructions for kicking archers, but it's best if you ignore them completely. There's no reason to confront the archers, other than an Achievement for the Xbox 360 or the Trophy for the PS3. At the start of the flight, there are two diverging trails of fires. Keep to the northernmost trail of fires and you'll be out of the archers' ranges. Try to get within the range of each updraft you pass—you may have enough height to completely fly over a fire without getting the updraft effect, but it's important that you get close enough to each fire to move higher.
  • There's a large gap between fires at the northernmost portion of the trail and you'll lose a lot of altitude. The next set of fires is on the deck of a boat far, far below. Make sure you catch the updraft from the boats, otherwise you won't be able to continue. From here on, it's smooth sailing. Just keep an eye on the map to make sure you find your way to the waypoint destination on the top of the Palazzo.
  • Once on top the roof of the Palazzo, get inside and assassinate the target. From your landing spot, you can use eagle vision and spot the target to the north, on an open level just a couple of floors under you. To get to him, you'll want to actually run around the top of the building, going south before turning east to follow the roof closer to the target's location. But, there are three archers to watch out for as you move around the rooftop. You can kill them all silently with a bit of patience.
  • Upon reaching the northeast corner of the rooftop, start climbing along the white northern wall. You can completely avoid detection by climbing the wall, eventually bringing yourself down on the white wisp waypoint below. Hit the waypoint and a cut scene takes over.
  • After the cut scene, run out of the room through the doorway to the east and exit to a hall. From here you can safely jump over the ledge to reach the ground level of the Palazzo. Here you'll find the assassination target running around. Assassinate him quickly.
  • Your final task is to exit the Palazzo and ditch the guards chasing you. Run out of the building through the southern exit and jump into the river. You can dive underwater to escape the guards' watch and quickly lose them to complete the mission.

DNA Sequence 09: CarnevaleEdit

Knowledge Is Power - VeniceEdit

  • Visit Leonardo and he'll create a new weapon for you based on a mystery codex. After the cut scene, move out to the yellow map marker and you'll get some directions on how to use your new pistol. Lock onto the three dummies across the river and shoot them. Holding down the fire button builds up your accuracy, making it possible to hit the distant targets. When all three targets are shot, return to Leonardo to complete the mission.

Damsel in Distress - VeniceEdit

  • You'll encounter Antonio and company in the Dorsoduro district to the south. Talk to him and your conversation is interrupted by a murder—that's right, murder! After the cut scene, you need to kill the murderer, who's marked on your map and doesn't move. Make your way toward the murderer and you'll be stopped as he threatens to kill another courtesan. Lock onto him and equip your pistol. Charge the shot fully and blast the murderer from afar to end the mission.

Nun the Wiser - VeniceEdit

  • Go back to the bordello and speak to Antonio and the sister. Follow them to the carnival. Mission complete

Ribbon Round-Up - VeniceEdit

  • This is the closest of the three carnival games you've got to complete in order to earn the golden mask. Talk to the game master and he'll challenge you to round up a bunch of ribbons from women in the area. Various groups of women are marked on your map. Move to them and pick-pocket the ribbons from them. You can usually get two or four ribbons per group if you bump into all of the women. Go around the area quickly to pick up at least 25 ribbons.

CTF - VeniceEdit

  • The carnival game to the north challenges you to a quick game of Capture the Flag. You start out on a rooftop, pointed toward a yellow waypoint on the map. Start running toward it as quickly as possible, ignoring the red marker that appears on your map. The red marker is your competitor, who tries to get to the flag before you. As long as you start running right away and jump down to the street level (don't sweat your health), you should always beat him. Grab the flag and immediately start climbing to a rooftop to prevent the competitor from tackling you. Bring the flag to the start point to score a point. Earn three points to win.

And They're Off - VeniceEdit

  • You've got a limited amount of time to complete this fairly challenging obstacle course. A series of waypoints show up one after the other, and you've got to run through all sixteen of them, quickly. The first four are on ground level, so you don't waste time climbing any buildings. The fifth waypoint will start you on an ascent up the side of a building, and from then on you can expect next bunch to require some careful platforming as you skirt the side of the building.
  • After hitting the seventh marker, turn left and jump off the ledge of the platform. Ezio will grab onto something hanging just off screen and swing around to the next series of stepping spots and their waypoints. You'll eventually have to climb up to the rooftops for a couple of waypoints.
  • On your way to the thirteenth waypoint, you need to take a big dive off the west end of a building and fall into the river below. Continue up the ramp to the street level and you can continue collecting the last few waypoints on street level. The final marker is on a boat.

Cheaters Never Prosper - VeniceEdit

  • This is a simple mission. Just fight off the opponents that come at you using your bare hands. Even though you've no weapon equipped, you can still use the typical counter ability. Though you won't always KO an opponent with the first counter, repeatedly make use of the technique and you'll eventually drop the opponent.
  • Eventually, somebody will send in enemies with swords. At this point, it's acceptable to break out your own weapon and fight back, though it's certainly not necessary. Defeat all of the opponents and the challenge ends. That should be the last of the carnival games!

Having a Blast - VeniceEdit

  • Get the golden mask back from the bad guy who stole it. His location is marked on the map, but only with a large, vague green area. Move into the green area and climb a building so that you can use eagle vision to scout the area. He's located at the intersection of two major roads, and once you spot him he'll start wandering off.
  • Drop back down to street level, hire a group of courtesans, and start following the dude. If you lock onto him, you can use the courtesans to distract the target, causing him to stop in his tracks. Walk up behind the target and pick-pocket him to steal back your mask. With the mask in hand, you can now make your way toward the fancy party.
  • Ezio equips the mask as you near the party and a man in front of the party entrance will step aside to let you in. The sister greets you as you enter and suggests you use her courtesans to help stay incognito. After waiting around for a bit, a cut scene shows the big bad thief walk into the party and charge his guards with finding you.
  • The guards will slowly patrol the party, and if you get spotted the mission instantly ends. Do your best to blend. Find a group of partiers and stand in the middle of them, but don't expect the cover to last forever. As the guards move through, they bust up the groups and threaten to expose you. So as you wait in a crowd, be sure you look for an alternative hiding spot. Look around for a group of courtesans and lock onto them, ready to hire them and blend with them at a moment's notice.
  • Keep moving between blending spots until the timer runs down, at which point a cut scene shows the arrival of the Doge. The Doge stays on a boat just off the water. Hire a fresh group of courtesans and meander toward the boat, waiting at the short fence. The sister gives you the suggestion to use your pistol to take out the Doge from afar—sounds good to us!
  • Blast the Doge and then make a hasty retreat from the area. You need to become anonymous to complete the mission, so just jump into a river and swim under a bridge.

DNA Sequence 10: Force MajeureEdit

An Unpleasant Turn of Events - VeniceEdit

  • Find Antonio in the north of Venice and he'll tell you about your next assassination target, Silvio. When the cut scene ends, so does the mission.

Caged Fighter - VeniceEdit

  • Travel across town, where you'll encounter an injured soldier on the rooftops, who gives you some new information on finding Bartolomeo, who should in turn help you with Silvio. You get a large green area added to your map, but note that it's overlapped by a restricted area. Expect trouble.
  • Take to the rooftops and make your way toward the target. It'll be hard to spot Bartolomeo from the rooftops since he's caged inside, but you can easily spot the semi-circle of guards surrounding him. From the rooftops, target the guards and you can take out two of them with an assassination, leaving just two more to kill. Fight them off, and then unlock Bartolomeo.
  • As Bart breaks out, more enemy guards appear. Fight them off, and then start making your way toward the new target to the south. Unfortunately, Bart isn't a climber, so you'll have to stick to the streets. Do your best to avoid guards along the way. While they won't necessarily bother you if you've got a low level of notoriety, Bartolomeo will pick fights with every guard he sees. And he is not good at fighting. Ol' Bart will end up getting the short end of the stick in every fight, so you have to save him. Thankfully, since he's picking the fights the guards won't notice you, and you can just walk up behind them for easy assassinations.
  • But again, it's best to try and avoid guards altogether. When you reach the waypoint, a cut scene quickly interrupts you and leaves you with a couple of guards that you must fight. Kill 'em off and then open a nearby gate to close the mission.

Leave No Man Behind - VeniceEdit

  • Move to the first target and climb to the top of the building in the center of the restricted area. From the rooftop you can spot three guards outside the gate holding the prisoners. Assassinate two of them in one move and then kill off the other so that you can open the gate and free the prisoners. They'll follow you, but like Bartolomeo they have no idea how to climb.
  • Another map marker appears to the east, marking another group of soldiers to free. Normally you need to be out of combat in order to open the gate holding in the prisoners, but if your crew is fighting the guards you should actually be able to unlock the gate. When the gate is unlocked, a quick cut scene interrupts the battle and essentially completes the fight for you.
  • A third map marker leads you to the last batch of prisoners, and again you can just charge the gate, let your crew pick a fight, and then release the prisoners to end the mission without actually having to fight.

Assume the Position - VeniceEdit

  • You're given command of a group of soldiers and tasked with bringing them to three different locations. Like Bartolomeo, they can't climb and they'll also pick fights with any guards with whom you cross paths. Watch your map as you run toward the target and do your best to avoid red dots that mark guards. When you reach the target, you'll find a few guards standing inside a small yard. Take them out, then step inside the yard to hit a glowing waypoint.
  • A second marker appears on your map when you've killed the first batch of guards. Again, make your way there while doing your best to avoid guards along the way. There are more guards at the map marker location, and another waypoint appears when you've cleared them out. A third marker leads you to the last group of enemy guards. When you've killed them, hit the waypoint for a final cut scene to close out the mission.

Two Birds, One Blade - VeniceEdit

  • Visit Bartolomeo again for the last mission in this memory sequence. The first step is to climb the tallest tower in the area so that Ezio can set off a firework. The tallest tower is marked on the map for you. The west side of the tower provides the best climbing surface, letting you easily ascend to the top. Reach the very tip of the cross and you'll trigger a fresh cut scene.
  • Quickly get back down to street level to help Bartolomeo, who's not doing a great job of defending himself against Dante. Perform a leap of faith in the northeast direction and then quickly make your way to the new map marker. When you find Bartolomeo and his crew in a fight, try to spot out Dante (he's got a long robe and an axe) and focus your fighting on him. His axe is heavy and powerful, so you'll need to use disarms and sidesteps to defeat him. Damage Dante enough and another cut scene will interrupt the action.
  • Dante starts running away from the melee, leading you to Silvio Barbarigo. Run after him, and fast. Lock on for easy tracking and Dante will lead you through a line of enemy soldiers before he stops right next to Silvio. Break through the line of soldiers and you can perform a double assassination on the two targets. Mission complete.

DNA Sequence 11: Alter EgosEdit

All Things Come to He Who Waits - VeniceEdit

  • After parting ways with Leonardo, break into the walled-off area to the northeast and trigger this mission via a waypoint on the parapet walk. After the cut scene, you need to trail a courier that zigs a zagging path through the city. Stay far enough behind him that he doesn't get curious, but also be sure to keep him in your sights. If he gets separated from you by a wall, a countdown timer hurries you to catch back up.
  • Occasionally the target will stop and look behind him to make sure no one's following. Don't worry too much about getting spotted as he doesn't become suspicious instantly. If he does see you, just turn away and walk further from him until the courier gets back to walking. After hitting a checkpoint, the courier crosses through a line of soldiers and if you try the same you'll be instantly spotted. From here, you need to take to the rooftops.
  • The target eventually goes through another line of soldiers, at which point you get a quick break by way of a cut scene. After the scene plays out, you need to secretly infiltrate the building and kill the courier to steal his outfit. Climb the face of the building and, once you reach the top, look to the right. There's a pile of hay you can dive into on the ground level.
  • Hop out of the hay just long enough to get the attention of the guard on the ground level before hopping back into the hay stack. The guard will wander over to inspect, which lets you get a silent assassination from your hiding spot. With that guard taken care of, you can walk behind the target ahead and assassinate him to steal his outfit and end the mission.

Play Along - VeniceEdit

  • At the start of the mission, you simply need to follow the leader through the city. Do your best not to bump into anyone, as Ezio will drop the chest if you do. Eventually, you reach the end of the trail and a cut scene takes over.
  • Now the mission gets serious. You've got to defeat Rodrigo Borgia. In the first stage of the fight, you're best off using a sword and aggressively throwing strikes at Rodrigo. He'll naturally block most everything, and you can't get a quick kill, but you'll whittle away at his health, slowly but surely. Be ready to counter his attacks when he throws them, but if you're aggressive enough you can back Rodrigo into a corner and he won't be able to do much.
  • Eventually, Rodrigo calls in some backup. At this point, ditch your sword for your bare hands and using disarm techniques to defeat the opponents around you. Don't worry about attacking Rodrigo — you just need to kill all of his backup to progress to the next stage of the fight. The dudes with spears are by far the most dangerous and, unless you've got a spear of your own to counter them, a disarm is the best way to take them out.
  • When you've defeated all of Rodrigo's men, you get some help while even more of Rodrigo's dudes show up. Again, it is best to continue sticking to disarms to clear the enemies, ignoring Rodrigo until all of the lesser baddies are killed. When it's just Rodrigo left, equip a sword and go back to your aggressive offense. When he's worn down, a cut scene closes out the mission.

DNA Sequence 12: Battle For ForliEdit

Sequences 12 is inaccessible. It is explained during a voice-over from inside the animus that the memories contained therein have been corrupted. It's been revealed by Ubisoft that this sequences will be filled in by a DLC Update.

DNA Sequence 13: Bonfire Of The VanitiesEdit

Sequences 13 is inaccessible. It is explained during a voice-over from inside the animus that the memories contained therein have been corrupted. It's been revealed by Ubisoft that this sequence will be filled in by a DLC Update.

DNA Sequence 14: Veni, Vidi, ViciEdit

(Roma- 1499)

Beginning - MonteriggioniEdit

  • Before you can really start this memory sequence, you need to first collect and have deciphered all thirty of the game's codex pages. They're scattered throughout the many maps of the game, and if you haven't been collecting them you'll need to do a lot of traveling. Though there are thirty codex pages in total, you should already have 14 of them just by playing through the game. The other 16 are distributed between the other cities as follows: Venice - 6, Florence - 5, Tuscany - 2, Forli - 3.
  • Each codex is in a room guarded by a row of enemies, and you need to be Anonymous to enter (otherwise a forcefield blocks your entry). You have a lot of options when it comes to breaking in past them, including simply killing the guards. If you want to be more subtle, you can hire courtesans, mercenaries or thieves to distract the guards while you waltz in. Alternatively, you can drop a dead body near the guards and they'll move over to inspect it, letting you roll right in behind them. An even easier way is to throw several handfuls of money in front of them, and slip inside while they're filling their pockets. If you throw only one or two, they may not take the bait, or worse, may go back into their guarding position before you get out, which will result in them becoming instantly alerted as you leave.
  • When you've collected all of the codexs pages, you'll need to have them translated by Leonardo. The game doesn't really tell you so, but Leo's moved into the Villa Monteriggioni, in the same downstairs room as Claudia and the architect. Bring Leonardo the codices and you can then talk to Mario in the adjacent room for the next mission.

X Marks the Spot - MonteriggioniEdit

  • Activate the odd glowing thing and then walk up to the wall of codex pages to bring up a puzzle. you will see the faint red outlines of a picture. You need to rotate all of the pieces around into their correct positions in order to complete the picture. Start by going around the perimeter of the puzzle and arranging the border—it's the easiest. Once you've got the border in place, go for the inner pieces. Note: if you're having trouble with the inner pieces, there are several assassins symbols scattered through out the map.(quite often with pieces of the symbol on more then one page.) Making those symbols right side up will result in the page having a proper orientation.
  • The pieces should eventually form a familiar map of the world, with the continent arrangements you should know. When the puzzle is complete, so is the mission.

In Bocca Al Lupo - RomeEdit

  • Talk to Mario and he'll send you on your final mission, to assassinate Rodrigo Borgia in the Vatican in Rome. The mission is more difficult than any other you've done up to this point, and it requires much stealthiness. But at first, it requires you break into the Vatican. Climb the wall to the west and use the beams sticking out from the wall to jump to a hanging platform to the south.
  • From the platform, jump north onto the wall of the compound and make a straight-forward climb to the top. But beware, as there are guards waiting at the top of the tower. You can stealth assassinate one of them from the far side of the wall, but you'll get their attention with that attack. Quickly hop over the wall and fight the guards.
  • With the guards dead, locate a lever on the northern wall and pull it to open a gate to the next area. There are two guards at the far end of the next yard. If you're quick, you can run across the yard and execute a double assassination while they try to figure out what you're doing. The gate ahead is closed, but you can climb to a level above (on the right) to find a lever that opens the gate. Just watch out for the lone guard up top.
  • You'll have to fight a host of guards in the next area, so be ready for a brawl. You can get the jump on a couple with a double assassination. When the guards are killed, climb to the top of a tower to the west to hit the glowing waypoint. A cut scene leaves Ezio on a horse.
  • Very early in your horse ride, you'll likely get knocked off the steed by enemy guards ahead. After getting knocked off, you can stand and fight or simply hop back on the horse and take off again. There's a large jump you've got to hit at full gallop to get over. Once over, expect to get knocked off the horse again. This time, you'll want to kill the attackers. (In order to avoid being knocked off your horse try to jump the obstacles rather than riding through the groups of guards blocking your path.
  • With the enemies very very dead, climb the tower ahead and take out the two guards at the top. From the top of the tower, you can make a leap of faith into a hay stack below.
  • There are more enemies on the next stretch of parapet, so expect a fight before you can climb up the next tower. And again, at the top of the second tower are more enemies to kill, and another leap of faith to make into a pile of hay at the bottom. When you land in the hay here, however, don't get out. There's a series of guards patrolling the parapet walk and you can take them all out with stealth if you're careful. Wait in the first pile of hay as one guard patrols by and assassinate him silently. Then, when the coast is clear, move out to the second pile of hay for another assassination.
  • Climb to the next tower and hang on the ledge, waiting for a patrolling guard to come near so you can pull him over the edge. Two other guards are facing the opposite direction and you can double assassinate the pair by running up behind them. Jump off the other end of the tower and you can get the jump on another guard that's standing by his lonesome.
  • There's one more massive batch of guards to fight off in the next area. Be prepared for a grueling melee and use all of your skills to fight off the attackers. When you've cleared the yard, climb a nearby scaffolding to a level up above where you'll find a switch that opens a gate into the Vatican.
  • From this point on, you can't be spotted or it'll be an automatic game over for you. Fortunately, the only folks around that know you're not supposed to be there are the guards. The priests, dressed in their dark robes, have no problem with you walking in the middle of their circles to hide. In the first hall, skip between circles of priests to get down the hall. There's one group of priests that patrols around the hall. Jump in their group and tag along to reach the far end of the hall.
  • Silently assassinate the guard at the south end of the hall and pull a switch to open a door to the next hall. To the left is a guard that patrols in a circle pattern, moving between the northern and southern halves of the hall. When he's behind the wall to the left, move forward and take cover in the next group of priests. The second section of the hall is a bit tougher, as the guards at the far end will spot you if you repeat the last move. When the second patrolling guard goes behind the wall to the left, follow him slowly. You can slip behind him and behind the other guards staring down the hallway to open the next gate.
  • Finally, you have reached the massive hall where Rodrigo Borgia is speaking. Move along the high platforms to cross to the far side of the room and position yourself directly above Rodrigo. Lock onto him and execute an assassination. Ezio jumps down and a cut scene shows Rodrigo's death.
  • Sort of. Borgia won't be so easily killed, so you've got to fight him straight up. You start with a bit of an advantage, as you've got clones of Ezio fighting with you. They won't really do any damage, but they will distract Rodrigo for you. Be aggressive in your attack, constantly throwing sword strikes. Don't bother trying to counter at this point—if you're too cautious, Rodrigo will kill all of your clones and nullify the advantage.
  • Rodrigo eventually retreats. Use eagle vision to spot a couple of spots on the wall that you can activate to open the secret passage Rodrigo escaped into. Run down the secret hall and Ezio will confront the enemy for the last time.
  • Don't give Rodrigo a chance. Grab the man and throw him against a wall. As he tries to get up, you can hit Rodrigo Borgia with two kicks and then immediately grab him again. Repeatedly throw him against a wall, kick him, and pick him back up. This is the easiest part of the fight, and also the last. When you defeat Rodrigo, the vault will open. Enter inside and the final cutscene will initiate.

Credits Sequence (September 9th 2012)Edit

  • While the credits roll. The hideout is attacked by The Templars, you take control of Desmond with a Hidden Blade, and you fight to where you see Warren Vidic, who escapes. You are also able to steal the weapons the Templars wield. The only awkward thing about it is that when taking a weapon, Desmond somehow sheaths it. The sound affect for the weapons they wield remain the same as though you are unsheathing a sword. You and the other Assassins escape the hideout and who say they are going to a cabin up north. After that you are able to go back into the Animus during the trip.

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